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Our Father’s Day Story

Being a Christian does not mean that the Old Testament is old and irrelevant. It is not just someone else’s history. No, it is my history, it is your history. A Father’s Day Moment to Celebrate!

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God in Family — not Family as god

God insists, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” What impact does this have on your relationship with God and your family? Let’s mediate on that in this week’s Moment to Celebrate!

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A Relationship Tax?

The things God wants us to do in our relationships are a big deal, even costly. In a way, God adds a value added tax to every important relationship we have. Let’s take a look in this week’s Moment to Celebrate!

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Finding Faithfulness In Giving

Sharing an encouraging word about financial giving is a daunting task, because who looks forwarding to hearing about financial giving? I wish our family had a fantastical story, or a rags to riches experience that would capture the hearts of anyone who heard it. But we don’t … or do we?

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Christmas Day Service in the Home

Christmas is the amazing story of how in the fullness of time Jesus came into this world as a child. On Christmas Day, use this worship service at home with your family to focus your Christmas celebration on the birth of Jesus.

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A Holy Kiss? Part II

The Scripture tells us to, “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” OK, sure. Should I take that seriously? This week’s Moment to Celebrate!

A Holy Kiss? Part I

The Bible talks a lot about kissing. Paul says, on several occasions: “Greet one another with a holy kiss.” Why?

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Clinging to What is Good

Have you ever known a person that you would call, clingy? Being clingy is not usually something to be admired. Don’t you find it kind of a sign of weakness?