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Pale Blue Dot

Carl Sagan once described our planet as, “a lonely spec in the enveloping cosmic dark.” How do you picture yourself as part of that universe? Let’s explore in this week’s Moment to Celebrate.

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Godly Mood Swings

Have you ever noticed all the people in the Bible who experienced mood swings? We’re not alone! Let’s take a look in this week’s Moment to Celebrate.

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The Gift Of Perspective

God uses perspective to help shape and stretch us, individually and as the Body of Christ. As we reflect on our lives together in the local Church, through fellowship, prayer, the breaking of bread, and teaching of the Word, will you allow God to challenge your perspective? Will you accept His perspective of peace?

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Losing that Distant Feeling

Some people rarely feel God’s presence. They do not sense him when they read their Bibles. They do not sense him when they are alone or with other believers. Do you go through periods when God seems distant?

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Bad Times. Praise God!

God is to be praised in hard times because it is precisely in these times that His people are made pure. This week’s Moment to Celebrate!