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The Gift Of Perspective

God uses perspective to help shape and stretch us, individually and as the Body of Christ. As we reflect on our lives together in the local Church, through fellowship, prayer, the breaking of bread, and teaching of the Word, will you allow God to challenge your perspective? Will you accept His perspective of peace?

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Our Father’s Day Story

Being a Christian does not mean that the Old Testament is old and irrelevant. It is not just someone else’s history. No, it is my history, it is your history. A Father’s Day Moment to Celebrate!

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He Takes It Personally

How are you treating other Christians? Would it surprise you to know that Jesus takes it personally? Take a closer look in this week’s Moment to Celebrate.

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New Beginnings

God never changes but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do things that are new. This new year, let’s take an early look at the God who loves to do new things in big ways. A New Year’s Moment to Celebrate!