Under Promise and Over Deliver: Just a Good Way to Live

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Isn’t life wonderful when a friend keeps a promise to you — and goes even bigger? The Bible cares about that. Here are two examples from wisdom literature:

Ps. 15:4 … honor whoever fears the LORD;
who keep their oaths when it hurts
and does not change their mind

Prov. 25:14 Like clouds and wind without rain
is one who boasts of a gift they do not give

Life is wonderful when we keep our word too, and it less complicated. Take something as simple as when you make a commitment to meet a friend. When something better comes up — too bad, you already made a commitment. Sure, it may hurt a little bit to lose out on something that seems better but isn’t that the kind of friend you want to be?

Erskine Bowles, Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton, said that one principle he lives by is to “under promise and over deliver.” He says, “If I think I can get a project done by Thursday, I want to keep my word but I might say, ‘I hope to get it to you by Friday.’ Then, when I do finish it on Thursday, they are overjoyed. It’s just a good way to live.”

God delivers on his word and from our perspective he even exceeds his promises. Who, for instance, would have imagined that God’s promised Savior would be as wonderful as Jesus? And who would have imagined how costly God’s promise would be to keep?

How about being a good friend today? Keep your promise to someone and go even bigger. It’s just a good way to live.

Now that’s something to Celebrate!

Author: Toby Larson

Toby Larson leads Celebration International. He is a husband and father of 5. Whether he's teaching, hitting tennis balls, sailing a Hobie, serving in Asia, skiing on water or snow, Toby is passionate about the love of God and the love of life. Read more ...