When Foundations Are Being Destroyed

Categories: Devotional,Psalms,Isaiah

The psalmist, King David, asks of the Lord, “When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do” (Psalm 11:3)?

Well, David could only look ahead to the Savior who was to come. We, however, have the privilege to look back at the Savior who came. Jesus never saw an instance of pain or bereavement that did not move him to compassion.

Isaiah the prophet said that Jesus would be like that. Isaiah prophesied about him saying, “In all their distress he too was distressed” (Isaiah 63:9).

So, like David, like Jesus, when the foundations of moral community are shaken we too are distressed and moved with compassion.

Whenever this happens let’s also ask God to help us to look inward and ask, “Am I living my life in the light of eternity’s values?”

Author: Toby Larson

Toby Larson leads Celebration International. He is a husband and father of 5. Whether he's teaching, hitting tennis balls, sailing a Hobie, serving in Asia, skiing on water or snow, Toby is passionate about the love of God and the love of life. Read more ...