The Fallacy Of Interrupting Jesus

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Do some people just wear you out? Now, be honest.

Have you ever had someone show up at your door and not take the hint to leave, or call you late when your phone should have been turned off? Maybe you know the kind of person who doesn’t seem to take the hint to hang up or stop spamming you? Jesus had those kinds of people in his life.

      … interruptions prompt Jesus’ compassion

One time when he was out in the country with his disciples, just trying to grab a moment of R&R, Luke tells us that crowds learn about it and caught up with Jesus. They crashed in on his mini vacation. How Jesus handled that intrusion is surprising. He doesn’t lecture these people about his privacy, his need for personal space, instead Jesus welcomes the crowd and speaks to them about the kingdom of God. He also heals those who needed healing. Jesus gave no hint that he minded altering his mini-vacation to accommodate people who needed him. Jesus didn’t shoo away a single soul.

When he saw that large crowd pressing in on his personal space he had compassion on them because they appeared to him as sheep without a shepherd, students without a teacher, a crowd without comfort. So Jesus began to teach them many things, and then he fed them.

I guess the Bible wants us to know that Jesus isn’t ticked when someone interrupts his private time. Instead, when that happens, interruptions prompt Jesus’ compassion.

It looks like it’s pretty hard to drop in on Jesus and not have him be pleased to answer the door. He seems to have a sign hanging there that says: Knock anytime and I’ll be happy to let you in, come on in for some R&R with me (Matthew 11:28).

You can be pretty sure, then, that Jesus will probably answer his door for you any time you knock.

So, why don’t you try to bug him today—bet you can’t.

Now that’s something to Celebrate!

Author: Toby Larson

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