Our mission serves three main capacities: International Ministries, Evangelism, and Strengthening Families and Community.

We believe the modern movement in missions is changing quickly and so the church, particularly, needs to live in a spirit of discernment. Technology is opening new doors, and the world is seeing a rapid increase in displaced peoples.  Many of these peoples are vulnerable after having endured great suffering. Celebration wants to seize every opportunity to offer hope to every people, tribe, language, and nation.

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Take a minute to meet some who serve at Celebration.

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Our story began with  families gathered around a dinner table. One commonality among these families was a missionary background, primarily from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

The story also began with Christians rooted in an Evangelical understanding of the world, God, and the nature of biblical revelation. In a day where people who are made in God’s image often push him to the irrelevant sidelines, or stand him on equal footing with other gods, the founders of Celebration were committed to the centrality and exclusivity of the Gospel. Along with this was an appreciation for an acronym they found useful: “GOSPEL” (Grace is Obligatory, Sovereign, Provision-making, Efficacious, and Lasting). All this gave  impetus to be bold in speech, action, and dependency upon prayer.

So, a few people with shared convictions who were willing to sacrifice for their evangelical passions gave rise to a new community, a 501 c3  based in Virginia but with close connections to large evangelical worldwide organizations committed to raising up God’s borderless church, transforming lives one by one, family by family, and community by community.

Today Celebration is at a new juncture, recalibrating how its mission can serve the world in new ways.

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Celebration International is affiliated with evangelical associations across the globe — different denominations, theological seminaries, and para church organizations who labor to spread good news throughout the world in truth, speech, and action.

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